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Take part in one of the tours to discover #LAKECOMO's landscapes through food, nature and its inhabitants!
Do you want to do a #PERSONALISEDtour in Lecco and surroundings, through lakes and mountains, to discover local wine and food?

Cheese Making on Monte Legnone

Scenic walk with a visit to a cheese maker and lunch at the shelter.

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    Trekking to Monte Legnone with a visit to a cheese maker and lunch at the shelter. A taste of Lecco landscape with an easy hike on the mountain to reach the panoramic spot on Monte Legnone, where there is Alpe Campo (the cheese making production place is called an alpeggio) and Rifugio Griera (the shelter). From the shelter with a clear sky the view is beautiful with the view of Lake Como and Lake Lugano. After the visit to the alpeggio and a cheese tasting we will move then to the rifugio for a lunch based on local products and wild herbs.

Artisans in Valsassina

Tour to discover small food producers in the valley above Lecco.

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    Tour through Valsassina to discover small food producers that will tell us about their knowledge through their products, typical of  the Lecco valley. We will visit a cheese maker, a cured meat producer and a berry grower  who makes juices from  fruit. To conclude we will have a beer tasting at a local pub, owned by a beer   producer who will cook a hot dish to go along with his beers.

Bitto and Nebbiolo

Visit to the food pearls of Valtellina

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    Meeting with the young and rebellious inhabitants of Valtellina,  the valley that lies on the North side of Lake Como, people who fight to protect the artisanal productions of the area. In particular, we will meet the president of the Bitto Slow Food Presidium (a particular mountain cheese) and young producers of wine from Valtellina made out of an autoctonous variety of Nebbiolo grapes.